Programmable Alarm Annunciator with 16 Digital Inputs

  • A total of 16 programmable digital inputs are available.
  • The system has 2 dry contact auxiliary horns and bell relays.
  • The horn and buzzer assignments of each digital input can be easily configured via the user-friendly front panel buttons.
  • The Horn, Test, Acknowledge and Test buttons provide interactive control for the user.
  • The output and LED test functions offer the possibility to test the functionality of components in the system.
  • The panel mount, measuring 144 x 144 mm, indicates the conformity of the device to a standard mounting configuration.
  • Supply voltage options include 24/48Vdc, 110Vdc, 220Vdc and 220Vac.
  • The configuration software offers the possibility of programming in accordance with ISA 18.1 standards.
  • Isolated RS-485 port and Modbus RTU protocol support enhance system integration.
  • Safe operation under electromagnetic noise increases resistance to external factors that adversely affect system performance.
  • Temperature, short circuit, overcurrent/voltage protections ensure safe and stable operation of the device.
  • Check Mark 5 Years Warranty
  • Check Mark 1 Hour Online Product Training
  • Check Mark Made In Turkey


The TELEPRO-ISP16 Alarm Annunciator is a high-tech product that offers compact, flexible programming and tagging options. It can be easily used in large area protection systems with its ability to work in parallel.

RS-485 Communication Port (optional)

It supports Modbus RTU protocol with the RS485 serial communication port integrated into the galvanic isolation protected device and can be easily integrated into SCADA systems. Instant status information for each entry can be read remotely. Remote commands can be sent to the Horn, Test, Ack and Reset keys.


A 5mm energy-saving LED display that provides an isolated, high-quality image for each input.


With the push buttons positioned on the front panel, auxiliary relay ( Red LED HornGreen Led Buzzer ) selections for each input can be made independently of software, without the need for a Dip Switch. Thanks to this special design, settings can be made safely in an energized state without touching the panel.


With ISPsim™(*) software; relay selection (Horn – Bell), response and release times and ModbusID settings can be performed.
ISA18.1 Sequence Code M (Manual RESET) code is provided as standard.
(*) Note: You can download ISPsimTM software here


All Inputs are opto coupler insulated, varistor protected, common return end and filtered. It fully complies with EU Electromagnetic Qualification (EMC) and Low Voltage Regulation (LVD) requirements. The possibility of false alarms is completely eliminated. The maximum input current is 5mA, the input voltages can be ordered as 24/48 and 110/220 Vdc upon request.


The TELEPRO-ISP8 has two Normally Open 1-FormA type dry contact relay outputs as standard. Outputs can be assigned to HORN or BELL options. All channels can be set to these output options via the software or front panel buttons.
In addition, it has Form C Type NC / NO outputs with common ends that are activated in case of internal system failures. There is also a FAULT relay.


Adjustable response-release times can be adjusted between 3ms and 250ms with software control that offers flexible and reliable operation against magnetic fields that may occur during maneuvers. The response time of the company output is 5ms, the release time is 20ms.


Our power supplies guarantee long-lasting use with their short-circuit, overcurrent/voltage and temperature-protected designs.


It has a membrane-featured, high-quality front panel design. Our easy-to-change printer printed labeling system has a user-friendly design with a screen width of 7×63 mm allocated for each channel.
The windows of each entry are named with the label template provided by TELEPRO® in the computer environment. Label information can be easily changed at any time.


The TELEPRO-ISP8 has a 96x96x75mm panel case. The protection class on the front panel side of our standard cases is IP51. In standard dimensions (96x96x75 mm) and weighing 300 gr, it can be assembled/disassembled quickly and safely with its easy-to-use screw mounting system.


In the TELEPRO-ISP8, 8 potential contacts from relays in the field are activated by connecting them to the device input terminals.

Each channel can be assigned to the HORN or BELL relay according to the operator’s preference. These settings also make a difference in LED lighting. In the BELL assignment, the corresponding channel is illuminated in GREEN, and in the case of a HORN call, it is illuminated in RED. (Optional Red/Yellow Option available)

The connection and other details are detailed in the installation guide provided with our devices.


CE Certification: CE (ESIM)

  • EMC Compliance: EN 61000-4-2 (+A1/ +A2 Dielectric Withstand)
  • EMC Compliance: EN 61000-4-3 (Radiated RFI Immunity)
  • EMC Compliance: EN 61000-4-4 (Electrical Fast Transient)
  • EMC Compliance: EN61000-4-5 (Surge Immunity)
  • EMC Compliance: EN61000-4-6 (Conducted RFI Dist. Immunity)
  • EMC Compliance: EN61000-4-8 (Radiated Power Freq. Immunity)
  • EMC Compliance: EN61000-4-11 (Immunity to Voltage Dips)
  • EMC Compliance: EN61326-1 (Equipment for Measurement)
  • EMC Compliance: EN55011 (+A2 Emmission – Ind. Sci. & Med.)
  • LVD Compatibility: EN61010-1 :1993
Weight 0.585 kg
Dimensions 18.5 × 10.7 × 15.3 cm
Supply Voltage

24-48Vdc, Voltage Range 18-60Vdc, 110Vdc, Voltage Range 88-132Vdc, 220Vdc, Voltage Range 176-242Vdc, 220Vac

Besleme Gücü


Saha Kontak Girişi

16 Programmable Digital Inputs – Normally Open (N.O.)

Giriş Akımı ( Kanal Başına )

Max. 5 mA

Giriş Direnci (min)

20 kΩ, 200 kΩ, 75kΩ

Transiyent Voltaj

Common Mode: 1kV – Serial Mode: 2kV

Giriş Tepki Süresi

Default 5ms

Bırakma Süresi

*Programmable 3…250ms (Models with Communication), Default : 20 ms

Bağlantı Tipi

Plug-in Type Terminal Block

Kontak Çıkışları

48Vdc-1A / 250Vdc-0.2A

Arıza Rölesi

1-Form-C dry contact relay (SPDT) (NO/NC)


No, RS-485, Modbus RTU

Communication Protocol

Modbus RTU; 19200/ 8 /n /1

ISP RTU Entegrasyonu

Yes (Optional)

Kontrol Butonları

Reset, Test, Ack, Horn (with Led status indicator)

Ön Panel

2 Layer, Embossed, Pocket Membrane

Işıklı Uyarı

5mm 2 Color (Red / Green) LED *(Optional Red/Yellow LED)

Sesli Uyarı

23mm Buzzer 75 dbA

Korna – Zil Konfigürasyonu

Front Panel Buttons – With ISPsim Software (Models with Communication)

Kasa Tipi

Panel type

Kasa Standardı

UL94V0 Fireproof


144x144x57 mm

Pano Bağlantısı

Snap Screw Type

Koruma Sınıfı

IP51 (front panel side)

Çalışma sıcaklığı

-20 +55 C

Depolama Sıcaklığı

-25 C … +80 oC

Ambalaj Ölçüleri(ExBxD)

183x107x153 mm

Korna Rölesi

1-Form-A dry contact relay (SPST) (NO), x 2-Form-A Dry Contact Relay (SPST) (NO)

Zil Rölesi

1-Form-A dry contact relay (SPST) (NO), x 2-Form-A Dry Contact Relay (SPST) (NO)


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